A Celebration of Mike Stonebraker

Saturday April 12th, 2014
@ MIT Stata Center

We are celebrating Mike Stonebraker's 70th birthday with a day of exciting talks on his impact on all things databases. The all-day event will feature speakers and discussion panels on the major projects from his +40-year career, including former colleagues, investors, collaborators, rivals, and students.

Come join us at MIT's Stata Center on Saturday April 12th, 2014 to revisit Mike's remarkable history and to share the excitement of the beginning days and coming future of databases.


Time Section Speakers Video
8:30—9:00 Pastries / Coffee    
9:00—9:25 Welcome / Intro Andy Pavlo
9:25—9:45 44 Years of Mike David DeWitt
Berkeley Era (1971—2001)
9:45—10:45 Ingres / Berkeley Panel Eric Allman, Jerry Held, Pat Selinger, Michael Carey (Moderator)
10:45—11:00 Break    
11:00—12:00 Postgres and Beyond Panel Anant Jhingran, Mike Olson, Joe Hellerstein, Wei Hong
12:00—1:20 Lunch    
MIT & East Coast Contributions (2001—Present)
1:20—1:40 Streaming Stan Zdonik
1:40—2:00 MIT Impact Sam Madden
2:20—2:40 Vertica and Column Stores Andy Palmer
2:40—3:00 Break    
3:00—3:30 Students Magda Balazinska, Andy Pavlo
3:30—4:30 Open Mic & Thank You Messages Anyone
4:30—4:40 Mike's Response Mike Stonebraker
4:40—5:00 Reception Anyone  




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Jo Tango


Video Messages:

Birthday Tribute by Gary Morgenthaler:

Career Timeline

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The Stonebraker Quiz

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Stata Center
Room 32-123
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
32 Vassar Street
Cambridge, MA 02139